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Healing The World Through Humour

Curry Traits is a movement that desires to see a global thriving curry community.

We have developed a platform that exists to empower a community of subcontinentals worldwide no matter your background, race or caste.

Uniting and inspiring subcontinental cultures through humour is our mission. We want to set a standard of how global online communities can operate to best serve their members. 

Join us. We invite you to become a part of our legacy to literally create and share infectious welcoming humour. 


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I don't Speak Indian T-shirt

Forget Chinese, English & Spanish, Indian is the greatest, best and most elite language on Earth. A colorful language that all subcontinental’s speak whether from Pakistan or Bangladesh. Yes Dave, yes Stacy you are correct! I speak Indian.

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I'm Not A Doctor T-Shirt

Ok, you’re probably not a doctor, but we know you could’ve been. With space in Med school limited, you wanted to give someone else a chance to make their parents the happiest people in the world. You’re such a good person.

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"Subtle Curry Traits have created a community for first-gen migrants"

ABC News

Healing The World Through Humour

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