About Us


Curry Traits is a movement that desires to see a global thriving curry community.

We have developed a platform that exists to empower a community of sub-continentals worldwide no matter your background, race or caste.

Uniting and inspiring subcontinental cultures through humour is our mission. We want to set a standard of how global online communities can operate to best serve their members. 

Humour shouts from the rooftops, what nobody wants to say. It inspires creativity, and can even heal. This world needs humour more than ever before. 

We envision humour to see a thriving global curry community come to life. We create a sense of belonging, but we do so in a dignified way, whilst we won’t stop short in the vitality of the humour that our community produces globally. This is the heart of CurryTraits, and there is nothing subtle about it.  

A community is made out of people who actively say I am in, and I am excited to invite others to belong to a thriving global curry community. So - for our vision to become a reality we need to join forces in unity to heal ourselves and others with humour. 

Early adopters join in and share this vision of a  global thriving curry community, as we all need more humour in our lives.

Join us. We invite you to become a part of our legacy to literally create and share infectious welcoming humour.